2019 Mona Menzies Postdoctoral Research Grant

Dr Bernice Redley: 



Ms Virginia Rogers and Dr Bernice Redley


2019 Major Research Grant

 Dr Joy Penman

 Dr Alison Beauchamp


2019 Ella Lowe Grant 

Dr Kathryn Eastwood: 

Emma Jane Furphy











2019 Marjory Taylor Fellowship

Ms Jo Simms


2019 Enrolled Nurse Practice Enhancement Grant

Ms Danielle Van Loon

2019 Rosemary Kelley Fellowship:   Postgraduate Nursing Course

Ms Brianna McDonald

Ms Jessica Tanner


 2019 June Allen Practice  Enhancement Grant

 Mr Malcolm Elliott 

2019 William Cooper Fellowship

Ms Angela Mellerick

2019 Rosemary Kelley Fellowship: Research

Ms Gay Corbett: 






2019 Leadership Grant: Informatics

Mr John Thompson

Ms Rebecca Jedwab



2019 Practice Enhancement Grants

Amy Jury:
International Lactation consultant examination

Amanda Heffernan: International forensic nursing conference attendance

Finn Mercury: Cervical screening and sexual health course

Dianne Buttigieg: Master of Nursing Practice

Jason Silvester: Master of Mental Health Nursing

Kiara Jervies: Post Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Nursing

Lea Marshall: CARG conference attendance

Louise Rose: Harm reduction conference

Megan Luchetta: Post Graduate studies in Palliative and Cancer Nursing

Mary Hanrahan: Graduate Diploma in Child, Family and Community

Michelle Kelly: International lactation consultancy studies and exam

Sarah Hobbs: Competency in Paediatric Intensive Care

Ruby Pipson: Master of Mental Health Nursing

Jane Cairo: Master of Nursing

Michelle Horton: Master of Nursing ICU

Catherine Gogler: Study tour of Portugal hospitals EMR using the ICNP classification

Temika Mu: Drug and Alcohol conference attendance